Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hot to add custom functionality to user interface form


One of common limitations of code generators is the inability for add custom functionality to automatically generated code, and if done, usually loss their integration with the generated code.

The  SFS Tools are totally different to other code generator  in this aspect, because allow a good integration between the generated code and the custom code.

In this tutorial we will add functionality to the user interface using the javascript framework: jquery ( ).

This is a ASP.NET MVC application, and ASP.NET MVC is highly dependent of javascript for add functionality. Learn the basics of jquery is minimal effort, and the benefit is great.

Columns not supported for now

For now there are some columns that are not supported.

XML Columns

In this case we see the example of the column “Instructions” of the “ProductModel” table in sample project of AdventureWorks Database.

Regenerate code in business rules project

the business rules layer project contains all functionality about CRUD operations resolved, so that whenever there are changes in the data structure is appropriate (and sometimes necessary) to regenerate all the code.

Just select the files “” and “” and right click and select “Run Custom Tool” from the context menu.



Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Convert a dropdown list to LookUp

We have seen how to convert a drop-down list to autocomplete. But in this case we focus on  LookUp.


With the SFS tools you can convert any relationship between entities (natural or custom) in a query to the catalog to select one entity. This is important and convenient when a simple "dropdownlist" is no longer useful to display a large amount of data. Moreover, in a Lookup can do searches as done in the same catalog that owns the relationship (reusable functionality).

Convert a drop down list to autocomplete

The effect o data incremental search is the best choice in relationships where data amount can be large, with SFS Tools this is done in a few minutes just setting a parameter.


Sunday, June 26, 2011

Regenerate the code of user interface layer

With SFS Tools, this task is to automatically generate the code of the user interface (Forms). Important: With the SFS Tools is possible generate and maintain the code continuously integrating the code of the programmer.

The task of regeneration of code can be very common in the life of the project.

Regular Expression validations


It's easy to add validation rules based on regular expressions, with SFS tools is even easier, because it automatically generates the necessary code only sets the rule as a custom property.